Heavy metal music, or just simply metal music, is a loud result of the combination of electric guitar, drums, bass, sometimes keyboards and of course vocals. A mass number of groups, others harder and others more melodic, inspired by the leading heavy metal bands of 1970s such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, developed many different kinds of metal music: gothic metal, industrial metal, epic metal, stoner metal, power metal, death metal, progressive metal, glam metal, black metal, thrash metal etc even christian metal. Despite its loud music and sometimes extreme vocals, heavy metal music is actually an inspired genre of rock music with great groups, melodies, lyrics and beautiful voices. Don't forget that some of the best ballads of all times belong to heavy metal bands.

metal lyrics

The lyrics of heavy metal music vary according to the band and the kind of metal they play. So we have metal lyrics about the human soul, political lyrics, love lyrics, lyrics about human relationships in general etc, like in any other kind of music, however mostly pessimistic and sad. But heavy metal lyrics have a particular characteristic: in no other kind of music are there so many bands using their lyrics and music to express their disagreement and opposition to religion and god.

A Pleasant Shade Of Gray

A Pleasant Shade of Gray is a concept album by the progressive metal group Fates Warning. It was released in 1997 and again later in a live version. A Pleasant Shade of Gray is great progressive metal album.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson quotes:

Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquillity is a melodic death metal band from Sweden formed in 1989. They are the pioneers of melodic death metal and have staid loyal to their original musical roots from the beginning of their career. Dark Tranquillity's discography is rich, highlighted by some superb albums and songs. Truly a great metal band.

Death Magnetic

Death Magnetic is the brand new Metallica's album, released in 2008. Big news for the metal world, just like every new release of Metallica.

Diamonds And Rust

Diamonds And Rust is a song written and first performed by Joan Baez in 1975. It was successfully covered later by the heavy metal band of Judas Priest, who made the metal audience love it. Diamonds And Rust, being a very melodic song with great lyrics, was covered also by Blackmore's Night. The Judas Priest cover of Diamonds And Rust was re-covered by other metal groups.

Draconian Times

Draconian Times is a gothic metal - death metal album released by Paradise Lost in 1995. It was a huge success for Paradise Lost and most of their fans consider it as their best album ever.

Fates Warning

Fates Warning is an American progressive metal band formed in 1983 still active until today. With many albums in their history, Fates Warning have made a pig impact in the field of progressive metal and heavy metal in general. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Parallels, Disconnected are only some of the great albums of Fates Warning that have placed them among the elite of the heavy metal scene.

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses (GNR) is an American hard rock - heavy metal band formed in 1985. Guns N' Roses, with the exceptional vocals of Axl Rose and the unique electric guitar and style of Slash, became famous almost immediately. They released great albums with extraordinary songs but unfortunately Guns N' Roses members didn't get along and the band split for good after almost ten years of their formation. Some efforts have been made for the band to get together again, however none of them succeeded.

Judas Priest

The famous British heavy metal group Judas Priest (also known as the Metal Gods) was formed in 1970. Judas Priest are considered to be one of the most important bands in the history of heavy metal music. The sound, the style, even the look of a lot of metal bands were influenced by Judas Priest. With Rob Halford's unique voice and the new metal sound they introduced, it didn't take long for Judas Priest to climb to the top and stay there until today.


Kreator is a German thrash metal band formed in 1982. Their sound is pure thrash. However they have experimented with other genres of metal music with some of their albums during the 1990s. Kreator is one of the top thrash metal bands with fans all over the world.


Lateralus is an album released by the progressive - alternative metal band Tool in 2001.

lies (the album)

Lies is an album released in 1988 by the hard rock - heavy metal band Guns N' Roses.

Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets is a Metallica's great thrash metal album released in 1986. In this album, considered one of the best in thrash metal music, there is also the fab song Master of Puppets.


Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in 1981. They are one of the most famous metal bands and played great thrash metal music until 1991. That year they released The Black Album appealing to the wider metal audience and made a huge commercial success. After the release of this album their thrash metal fans were very disappointed by Metallica. Their disappointment grew after the next releases of Metallica, which didn't remind at all the good old thrash metal band they knew.


Moonspell is a black metal/gothic metal band from Portugal. The vocalist's characteristic deep voice and the unique music style of Moonspell have brought success to all their albums, with their most atmospheric gothic album Sin/Pecado making a huge success, especially in Portugal. Moonspell use very often their mother language in their songs and today they are one of the favourite metal groups of the metal audience.

Operation Mindcrime

Operation Mindcrime is a concept album released by the progressive metal band Queensryche in 1988. It is one of the most important progressive metal albums ever!

Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive metal group formed in 1984 (former name: Reality). Pain of Salvation 's music style is very interesting and unique and until now all their works are concept albums. Their vocals are fantastic. Pain of Salvation became widely known to the metal audience after the release of the concept albums The Perfect Element I in 2000 and Remedy Lane in 2002.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a death, doom and gothic metal band from Great Britain formed in 1988. They were named after John Milton's epic poem called also Paradise Lost. Their style varies in each album. They started as a gothic metal band with their two first albums Lost Paradise and Gothic, but later the vocals cleared and they developed a more personal style. In 1995 they released Draconian Times, the album that brought them in the first line of death/doom metal scene. They successfully experimented with electronic gothic releasing Host.

progressive metal

Progressive metal is a genre of heavy metal. Famous progressive metal bands: Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Pain of Salvation, Queensryche.

Remedy Lane

Remedy Lane is a concept album by the Swedish progressive metal group Pain of Salvation released in 2002.

Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh is a Greek death metal band formed in 1991.

The Gathering

The Gathering is a dutch metal band which became very famous in 1994 when the singer Anneke van Giersbergen joined the band and the album Mandylion was released. The Gathering play doom metal and gothic metal.


The Road Goes On Forever

Its so cold in the shadow of distant lights
And the chilling wind slows our pace and tests our will
Still a voice whispers it will be over soon
And there we find the courage to climb the hill

Sometimes I lose sight of where I'm going
Fanned by a flame I can't remember
But distant lights still burn bright
And the road goes on forever

Year after year with renewed ambition
We scale the walls to find there's nothing there
Still idle hands clutch the empty page
With the passion of a desperate prayer

Sometimes I lose sight of where I'm going
Fanned by a flame I can't remember

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Master of the Wind

In the silence of the darkness when all are fast asleep
I live inside a dream calling to your spirit
As a sail calls the wind, hear the angels sing

Far beyond the sun across the western sky
Reach into the blackness find a silver line
In a voice I whisper a candle in the night
We'll carry all our dreams in a single beam of light

Close your eyes, look into the dream
Winds of change will winds of fortune bring

Fly away to a rainbow in the sky gold is at the end for each of us to find
There the road begins where another one will end

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Το είπε...: Manowar

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Angel - put sad wings around me now
Protect me from this world of sin
So that we can rise again

Oh angel - we can find our way somehow
Escaping from the world we're in
To a place where we began

And I know we'll find
A better place and peace of mind
Just tell me that it's all you want - for you and me
Angel won't you set me free

Angel remember how we'd chase the sun
Then reaching for the stars at night
As our lives had just begun

When I close my eyes I hear your velvet wings and cry
I'm waiting here with open arms - oh can't you see
Angel shine your light on me

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Forever And One (Neverland)

What can I do?
Will I be getting through?
Now that I must try to leave it all behind
Did you see what you have done to me?
So hard to justify
Slowly it's passing by

Forever and one I will miss you
However, I kiss you yet again
Way down in Neverland
So hard I was trying
Tomorrow I'll still be crying
How could you hide your lies
Your lies

Here I am
Seeing you once again
My mind's so far away
My heart's so close to stay
Too proud to fight
I'm walking back into night
Will I ever find someone to believe?

Forever and one I will miss you
However, I kiss you yet again

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Το είπε...: Helloween

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A Tale That Wasn't Right

Here I stand all alone
Have my mind turned to stone
Have my heart filled up with ice
To avoid it's breakin' twice

Thank to you, my dear old friend
But you can't help, this is the end
Of a tale that wasn't right
I won't have no sleep tonight

In my heart, in my soul
I really hate to pay this toll
Should be strong, young and bold
But the only thing I feel is pain

It's alright, we'll stay friends
Trustin' in my confidence
And let's say it's just alright
You won't sleep alone tonight

With my heart, with my soul
Some guys cry you bought and sold

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Hold on to My Heart

There's a flame, flame in my heart
And there's no rain, can put it out
And there's a flame, it's burning in my heart
And there's no rain, ooh can put it out
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Take away the pain, inside my soul
And I'm afraid, so all alone
Take away the pain, that's burning in my soul
Cause I'm afraid that I'll be all alone
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
And oh no, don't let me go cause all I am
You hold in your hands, and hold me
And I'll make it through the night

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The Idol

Will I be alone this morning
Will I need my friends
Something just to ease away the pain
And now I never see the loneliness
Behind my face
I am just a prisoner to my faith

If I could only stand and stare in the mirror could I see
One fallen hero with a face like me?
And if I scream, could anybody hear me?
If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame has done to me

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if love's a lie
Ooh - being crazy in paradise is easy
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Where's the love to shelter me
Give me love, come set me free

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Heaven's Hung in Black

I can’t take anymore
I have no more wings
I can’t take anymore
The gates of heaven sealed

Don’t you hear me
Don’t you hear me
Don’t you fear me
Of never coming back
Do you know what it’s like
When heaven’s hung in black

I can’t take anymore
Our walls are black and bleed
I can’t take anymore
No rooms here for your screams

Don’t you hear me
Don’t you hear me
Don’t you fear me
Of never coming back
Oh, no more tears please
Hanging heaven black

No don’t you leave me to die
Don’t you leave me to die
Don’t you leave me to die

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The Trooper

You'll take my life but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through
So when you're waiting for the next attack
You'd better stand there's no turning back.

The Bugle sounds and the charge begins
But on this battlefield no one wins
The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath
As I plunge on into certain death.

The horse he sweats with fear we break to run
The mighty roar of the Russian guns
And as we race towards the human wall
The screams of pain as my comrades fall.

We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground
And the Russians fire another round

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In This Shallow Grave

Who is your god – is he not mine?
Who is your devil – are we the same?
What makes you worse
What makes me better

Never to trust again – how long have I got?

In this darkened maze
They keep me away – they scream at night
Screams at night

Who is your master
In this shallow grave?

Born to die for a lie
I have no soul – I have no pride

Where is justice in this hell?
Where is liberty – I paid the price
My life blood runs dry
Slowly drained from me

Screams at night
…Alone is this shallow grave I die…

Το είπε...: Arch Enemy

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